Adobe flash cs4 basics : 0101 Drawing

Adobe flash cs4 basics : 0101 Drawing

This tutorial will go into the Basics of Adobe Flash cs4 IDE. This includes the lay out tools and other parts of flash cs4. -Waarith Abdul-Majeed motion


Chuck said...

thanks, I just downloaded flash cs4 yesterday, and having basic tutorials is great. Love them, and hope there are more.

chuck Sndyer

Kristoff said...

Thanks for the video! It was really helpfull. Hope you have a great weekend this weekend, and the weekend after and..

Will click a lot on your adv-banners to thank you.


GilbertinSC said...

Great instruction and you word it easily to understand. I think you are great person to share your knowledge.

muthu said...

Thanks for an video i can understood very clearly