Adobe flash cs4 Game tutorial : Jumping

Adobe flash cs4 Game tutorial : Jumping

GET FLA Learn how to make your character jump in adobe flash cs4 using action script 3. get key class:


Sam said...

just found your site - good stuff mang....keep it up

Moonman said...

ive learned lots from your videos, but one thing i cant seem to figure out is how to make platforms and walls for the character i made from this video.
please make a tutorial on in

kehinde said...

great tutorial,found it very useful.
i was wondering,if you could make a tutorial on different animation for an action,what i mean,if the character jump,he will do different animation of jumping when you press the jump button.please i really need to see it done.Thanks alot.

omgnoseat said...

I never comment on blogs, but I just have to say that your tutorials are very helpfull thanks to their simpleness (compared to most tutorials at least).
Keep up the good work :)

omgnoseat said...

Just one question (can't edit my previous post). When using a movieclip instead of your sprite character, the movieclip leaves a tiny bit of a blur on movement. I tried to set the fps higher, but the blur remains. Any idea what could be causing this?

Anonymous said...

hey what gives. at the beginning you have your hero jumping with different animation. you don't go over that in the tutorial!

Bolts4Life said...

when I used this tutorial I got no errors yet when I pressed UP my character just floated and didn't come back down and if you held UP he just kept floating up and seemed as if the gravity wasn't working, please help.

weston said...

Hey keep up the great work, these videos have helped me a lot. I would really like help on how to make the hero stand on platform instead of him just floating in air and how to make it so that if he's not on a platform he falls instead of where the "ground" is just an imaginary line.

e_Warren said...
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kaenna said...

to create the 'Jump' part of the hero's motion:
1. enter into the hero's timeline
2. add an empty keyframe after the frame with the walking animation.
3. label the frame "jumping" (no quotes)
4. find/create an image of the hero jumping.
5.follow the instructions for adding a new image to the hero timeline in the new "jumping" keyframe.[]
6. add the following code before the last else statement [else {

else if (!canjump) {

Good luck.