Adobe flash cs4 website tutorial: 0109 XML Image Gallery

Adobe flash cs4 website tutorial: 0109 XML Image Gallery

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Fla Timeline code: createThumb Class:


Chuck said...

thanks again for another great tutorial. Just getting started with flash, and these tutorials really help.

Chuck Snyder
Portland, Oregon

Stephane said...

thanks!!! for this great tutorial , these help a lot , but when i tried to view the XML image gallery on Firefox nothing happens , it never loads in IE it it works ?

potsy said...

Great tutorial.
How can I customize it so the thumbnails, are at the bottom of the .fla not at the top.

Ras said...

thanks for this great tutorial!
if you ever come to croatia, i will buy you a lot of coffee or beer or anything you want!!! ;)

Mikael said...

You are truly great - I love your tutorials! Keep up the good work, it's great when you love web development :)

octavio said...

Hi great tutorial thanks. Just wondering how can i make the images smaller? or place them somewhere else not at top. Apreciate it. thanks a lot again. owe you that coffee.

Freddy said...

great tutorial!
very helpful!

but is there any possibility that flash recognizes automatically pictures which are vertical and pictures that are horizontal? So that the thumbnail with a horizontal is stretched in width oder a vertical stretched in height?
because, the thumbnail is a rectangel, and it looks kinda strange for vertical, as well as horizontal pictures !
however ure tutorial was really helpful!

Raed Al-Akash said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, it's wonderful but just wondering what should i do if i want each image (When Click) take me to another site instead of showing the big image.
Thank you in advance.
Raed Al-Akash