Adobe flash cs4 tutorial 3D Z Sorting

Adobe flash cs4 tutorial 3D Z Sorting

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In this tutorial you will learn how to sort display items with the z-axis using the SimpleZSorter by Ralph Hauwert.

Get Simple Z Sorter Timeline Code


Sam said...

good tutorial, thanks for the heads up on SimpleZSorter - very useful

Rijad said...

thax for a great tutorial mate.

i was wondering..

om my site i have movie clips buttons that i whant to sort by Zsort.

how do i do that? and is it always the biggest that shows and the smal one gets in the back ?


Waarith Abdul-Majeed said...

yes all the 'big' items are in the front. To sort buttons just put your buttons in a movieclip which will act as a container to sort the buttons.

omgnoseat said...

I see you have an Ysorter aswell, which is not available at the google code link. Any idea where we could get that? Thanks :)