Adobe flash cs4 platform game basics intro

Adobe flash cs4 platform game basics intro

In This tutorial you will get a introduction in platform games using adobe flash cs4 and ActionScript 3. Download the fla to see the game in action.

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clayton said...

good job! i really appreciate all of these tutorials, i'm kinda stringing them all together to make a pretty legit game!

Anonymous said...

I keep getting an error about the hitTestPoint part of it that says "1061: call to a possibly undefined method hitTestPoint through a reference with static type class" please help

Christopher said...

I'm wondering if someone can help me. I am in the process of creating a Flash game with CS4 & AS2.
I have everything working, but when I press the Up key to jump on a platform, when the ball goes to move off the platform without jumping, it stays at the current _x.
Whats the Problem?
Please e-mail me at:


Christopher said...

NVM, I got that workin. Now I am havin the same problem as everyone else. The ball after moving off the platform will sink into the ground a little, UGH!
Any Help?

Jeffrey said...

Excellent tutorials! Thanks a lot! It really helped me out. I can't wait for the next tutorial on how to code the walls and roofs. Once again, great tutorials and Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I got 3 errors with the script:
The class or interface 'Event' could not be loaded. [line 8]
The class or interface 'int' could not be loaded. [line 22]
The class or interface 'Event' could not be loaded. [line 32]

line 8 - function ctrl_hero(e:Event){
line 22 - for (var i:int = 0; i<10; i++) {
line 32 - function jump(e:Event) {

How can this get fixed?

Trymedo said...

I was just wondering why there is the for loop? Is that just to make sure the hero does not appear to sink into the floor sometimes? I was wondering if a while loop would do the same job? something like:

while(level.hitTestPoint(hero.x, hero.y, true))
vy = 0;
jumped = false;

it's less lines of code and in my opinion would work just the same. I haven't tested it yet though.

Donpatch said...

Hello, can anyone give me a hand?

The Code works fine I just want to make some changes.

I DONT want my hero to appear at the top of a plaform when he touches it.

Like the stage at the start of the tutorial, when the triangle just falls through the wall.

How do I code this?

Anonymous said...

First, let me say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. There are a small handful of Platform tutorials that is done without using the pure OOP way, which is what I want.


willi said...

Hey, awesome tutorial!

But I'm tryng to make the character move by keyboard, I used a previous tutorial of yours to do that, but I can't seem to combine these two, help is appreciated ^_^