Adobe flash cs4 platform game basics Hero Class

Adobe flash cs4 platform game basics Hero Class

Build a class for your game's hero using as3 and adobe flash cs4. Use a custom class to from to use the keyboard. Get all the of the source code bellow. This is part 2 of Adobe flash cs4 platform game basics.

Get Fla
Timeline Code

Hero Core Class


Amy said...

Thanks for your help! I'm creating games for my 6 and 8 year old boys and your tutorials are wonderful and engaging - keep up the great work!

nud said...

here's a couple robots
non-exclusive rights granted. (free to use except for robo-crimes)

have fun

norcal underground design

Lindsay said...

I am learning how to code from scratch and you are my first stop.

I knew how to code in C++ for MUDs like 15 years ago, but I've forgotten most of it.

I just want to say you're awesome for doing this and it's really easy to understand and really really good tutorials. You break it down beautifully and have a good sense of humor.

Please continue!

Michael said...

Dude you are awesome! End of discussion!