Adobe flash cs4 tutorial Custom Classes

Adobe flash cs4 tutorial Custom Classes

Use Adobe flash cs4 with action script 3 custom classes. classes make it easy to reuse code and use other code found online. goto to get the code seen on the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm a beginner user of AS3. This tutorial was very easy to understand. Using metaphors is very helpful to new users, so that they can attach the new info to things already familiar to them, as you did in the AS3 intro: "addEventListener" code that is somewhat similar to the radio tower and the signal. Great teaching method. Please use metaphors as often as possible for these basic lessons. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

yah! i agree!its a nice tutorial, very useful and fully illustrated. tnx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Im having some trouble with my button. After typing in my code and testing my movie, I click my button and it doesnt make my browzer do anything. Could this be because I'm using windows 7?

the compiler is telling me i have three errors:

-1180: Call to a possibly undefined method getURL.

-1120: Access of undefined property onClick.

-Warning: 1060: Migration issue: The method getURL is no longer supported. For equivalent functionality, see The package also contains package-level functions navigateToURL() and sendToURL()..

any idea's?

Don Z said...

I've got the same error messages (1180, 1060).

I've created a separate layer for the actionscript but also tried applying the actionscript on scene one without a separate layer... what I'm I missing?